Over the years, multiple people have asked questions about the practices of Healing Arts and Reiki. So as to pave the way clearly for each individual’s understanding, I would like to answer some of the most common questions you may have.

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1What Is Reiki?
Reiki - pronounced "Ray-Key" is an ancient Japanese technique that reduces the effects of stress, helps the body to relax and promotes healing of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The word Reiki means Universal Life Force. Another meaning for Reiki is Spiritually Guided Life Force. Reiki is performed by a Reiki practitioner who will place his/her hands on the clients body over energy centers called chakras. There are no adverse side effects from Reiki as Reiki is spiritually guided and can never cause any harm.
2What will a Reiki session do for me?
Individual experiences will vary as a result of a Reiki session. During a Reiki session, all of your energy centers will be balanced allowing more energy to flow through your body. A Reiki session will help your body relax and release toxins. If you are suffering from pain, a Reiki session will often help to reduce pain and even eliminate it. A Reiki session also helps to improve the immune system. For more information, contact me at the Center.

Magnified Healing®

1What is Magnified Healing®?
Magnified Healing® is an intense fifth dimensional energy. The effects are swift and rapid. As such, a typical healing session may only last 15-20 minutes. It assists in easing the effects of the energy transitions that we are all facing today. It creates a constant flow of healing energy from your heart to the SOURCE. Once you become initiated into this amazing energy, you actually BECOME the energy. The energy is overseen by Quan Yin, Eastern Goddess of mercy, forgiveness and compassion.
2How will a Magnified Healing® session help me?
A Magnified Healing® session will help to balance your energy systems. Many experience immediate relief from pain. Improved mental clarity is also experienced as a result of a session. Old, outmoded energy is released and replaced by a sense of well-being and connected-ness. Etheric transplants can be performed on diseased organs with very favorable results. Many recipients of healing sessions report greater clairvoyance and connection to Source.

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