About Rev. Tod Foster

The Center for Reiki and the Healing Arts is an exciting spiritual resource located in the Castle Shannon area of Pittsburgh, PA. Contact me today. I look forward to sharing my healing and enlightening gifts with you. Namaste!

Rev. Tod Foster

With a desire to help other people, Tod began to search for ways to offer healing on many levels. Tod believed that people became ill because they were out of balance on an emotional and/or mental level which later affected them on the physical level. Tod focused his search on modalities that healed on the mental and emotional levels and not just the physical. Tod is a certified Reiki/Master Teacher with over 15 years experience. Tod is also a certified Magnified HealingĀ® Master Teacher, certified Hypnosis Therapist, and a Spiritual Response Therapist.

Discover the many services I offer to assist you on your life's journey.


years in service

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