The Center for Reiki and The Healing Arts is an exciting spiritual resource located in the Castle Shannon area of Pittsburgh, PA.

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I wonder where did such a favorite and familiar form of communication as a kiss come from? Even Plato tried to think about kissing. His theory is this: man in ancient times was like a ball and had two heads, four arms and four legs. But the single being was too arrogant and Zeus, angry, divided him into two halves - "female" and "male". According to Plato, it is only through a kiss that the souls of the two separated halves are united. The first Christians necessarily greeted each other with a kiss when they met. And in the Middle Ages how to be a good ass kisser, the initiation of knights necessarily ended with a kiss. Kissing used to be a way of greeting each other.


6 Month Wellness Program <br/> Meet virtually two times per month

6 Month Wellness Program
Meet virtually two times per month

Single payment of $1605
OR Three payments of $630


  • Whenever I need help discerning what makes a client tick, I call Rev. Tod Foster. Whether I need a house clearing, a client cleared of negative attachments, or help with finding the underpinnings of a particular case, I call Tod. Tod is not only extremely talented and mentally sharp, he is very honest, and follows up on each case until he gets ultimate resolution. I feel very comfortable referring any client to him because I know they are in the best of hands. He can't come more highly recommended.
    - Rick DiClemente, author of "The Exquisite Zodiac"
  • In today’s environment of multi-tasking, negative media and never-ending tasks, it is easy to get unbalanced. And once you do, it starts a spiral of negative energy that feeds upon itself. Reiki rebalances the life force that flows within the physical body and our energy fields that surround us. Fixing the flow, and releasing the causes of the energy blockage, are two entirely different skills. Rev. Tod’s gifts go beyond release, he releases those patterns that without repair, will keep returning. He is a true blessing in my life.
    - Jim Jordan
  • I spent too many years with confidence problems and being full of anxiety for reasons I could not figure out. Rev. Todd has really helped facilitate a renewed sense of confidence in myself and in my journey. My almost lifetime long anxiety is slowly but surely becoming obsolete with him helping me heal the root causes and anytime I start feeling worn down or anxious again, it is such a relief to know he is there. He has been such a blessing!!!
    -J.L. from Mt. Lebanon
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